Benchmark Survey

Delivered by Jewish Vocational Service

Welcome to the Job Quality Survey

And if you are returning to complete the survey for a different position, welcome back!

As you take this survey, please focus on ONE POSITION ONLY. The survey should take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete, provided you have access to information about your position such as:

  • Number of employees who work at your organization
  • Lowest and highest possible starting wage for this position and where most hires start within this range
  • Benefits that your company provides and who is eligible for them
  • Annual time off provided and typical number of hours at start
  • Typical schedules for entry-level staff and degree of flexibility with scheduling
  • How opportunities for growth and promotion are communicated
  • How managers supervise employees and acknowledge outstanding achievement
  • Basic demographics of staff at your company

If you need to exit the survey before finishing or happen to close your browser tab prematurely, you will need to ask JVS to send you a link so you can resume the survey where you left off. Simply email Susan Buckey ( if this happens.

Once you have fully completed the survey, you will be eligible to receive a Benchmarking Report comparing your company to others in your local area. The names of the other companies will be masked in the report, just as your information will be masked in reports received by other companies.

We would encourage returning to the survey in the future using the same link to answer questions about other positions at your company to receive similar benchmarking reports

If you have questions, please contact Susan Buckey, Director of Employer Engagement at JVS, at If you are an employer outside of the Boston area, you may also direct questions to the individual who asked you to participate in the survey.